Our Culture

Our employees are resilient, embracing risks and making tough decisions. At Editas Medicine, our values are part of our DNA. We are one community but with many voices.

They define ingenuity by thinking bold and big. They are rigorous about our science and share their knowledge with each other, and they do it with passion, taking ownership of their work and inspiring others. Our employees are part of a revolution, as they translate the promise of our science into new and promising treatments for patients.

At Editas Medicine, we are on an important journey to unlock the full potential of genome editing technology. A journey fueled by our distinct Inspiritas culture. A culture we have built by design to ensure we are moving with purpose as we learn and grow as individuals, teams, and a company – and work to make revolutionary science happen every day. Check out our Elements of Inspiritas to learn more about the Inspiritas Culture at Editas Medicine – and what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Elements of Inspiritas

Our People

We are a team of scientists and leaders in genome editing, and we live by our creed:

Hear what makes Editas Medicine such a great place to work from the people who live and breathe our mission every day – our employees.

The team at Editas creates a wonderful environment both inside and outside the office. Conversations can quickly transition from the latest scientific breakthroughs to a pick-up basketball game without missing a beat. It’s a great place to work!
Jonathan McNeill, M.D.
Manager, Business Development
What makes Editas so different from any other company I've worked for in the past is that everyone here really wants to be here. We're all in it together, and we all share a passion for what Editas has achieved and will achieve. I think we all share a ‘the sky's the limit' mentality.
Jennifer Franklin
Office Manager
There are a lot of passionate people at Editas, and the company does a great job of putting together activities outside of work so we can get to know each other. We have a running group called #runitas, and I have enjoyed our weekly runs. There's also an Ultimate Frisbee group, bi-monthly happy hours, conferences, coffee talks and company-wide off-site sessions that have been fun ways to socialize and motivate the team.
Grant Welstead
Senior Scientist
We have a diverse team of intelligent, kind and professional people who are all collaborative, interactive and well-grounded. We are united by our dedication and commitment to develop effective medicines. We value hard work and expanding our knowledge base, but we also value community and maintaining a sense of levity and humor to balance the intensity of the work.
Jennifer Gori
Scientist II
The one word that I would use to describe the Editas culture is bold. We are a loud, passionate and driven group of people. We are not afraid to take on big challenges, and we don't do anything by half measures.
Morgan Maeder
Scientist II
The Editas culture is highly collaborative. We're trying to do something really big, so we need many different kinds of talented people working together and helping each other. We're also not afraid to respectfully challenge each other scientifically or to lob a well-crafted zinger at a friendly colleague across the lab. It's a very healthy scientific and personal environment.
Ari Friedland
Scientist, Cell & Molecular Biology
I really enjoy our "coffee talks" scheduled for us once every other week. It's a great way for us to get to know each other. The conversations are hilarious and never boring!
Justin Fang
Research Associate II
Everyone here is so passionate about CRISPR. When a group of talented, passionate people work together, great ideas just spark, which changes impossible to possible.
Tongyao Wang
Bioinformatics Analyst II
Im constantly inspired by my colleagues, who are passionate, talented scientists with great ideas. They inspire everyone here to give their best.
Aditi Chalishazar
Senior Research Associate

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