What if we could repair broken genes?

What if we could address the root cause of diseases caused by mutations in our DNA?

That’s what the team at Editas Medicine is striving to achieve.

Editas Medicine is building the leading genome editing company dedicated to treating patients with genetically defined diseases.

At Editas Medicine, we believe we have entered a new era in genomic medicine as the growth of genomic information in recent years has significantly expanded our understanding of genetically defined diseases. Furthermore, a new technology known as CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) has the potential to achieve accurate, directed changes in DNA and fulfill the promise that started with the sequencing of the human genome – the potential to treat diseases at their source, at the DNA level.

At Editas Medicine, we’re committed to harnessing the power and potential of genome editing to develop transformative medicines for patients suffering from serious diseases.

Our Culture

Our values are the critical foundation upon which we have built – and continue to grow – the culture at Editas Medicine. They reflect how we think about the patients we aspire to help, the science we do, how we operate as a company, and who we hire.

CRISPR: Respect Grow Learn
CRISPR: Respect Grow Learn
CRISPR: Be bold Answer Unknown Question Create therapies
CRISPR: Impeccable Rigorous Meaningful
CRISPR: Live it Do it Own it
CRISPR: Discover Translate Cure