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Our Inspiritas Culture

We think about culture a little differently at Editas Medicine.

We summarize our culture with a single word:


Inspiritas captures how inspired we are by the science of genome editing, the people we serve, and each other. It defines how we grow as individuals, teams, and as a company.

Culture is not just something we talk about—it’s a part of everything we do, even when no one is watching.

Learn more About our Inspiritas culture

Hear directly from our team members about what makes our company different:

  • David Litvak – Associate Director, Technical Operations

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  • I think that Editas’ best assets are its people. I work with a great group of people who make coming to work a pleasure. They are focused, driven, and determined to bring transformative medicines to patients as rapidly as possible.

  • Pratik Randeria – Senior Scientist, Process Development

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  • The tremendous and rigorous scientific endeavors we undertake combined with the brilliant, passionate, and compassionate colleagues we work with every day, and the open and empowering culture espoused by our leaders makes coming to work a joy. Whether it’s over a heated ping-pong match, while eating a chilled pasta salad at team-lunch, or in a conference-room parsing through large amounts of data to drive development of medicines to make a difference in the lives of patients, I genuinely enjoy interacting with and learning from fellow Editors.

  • KaiHsin Chang – Director, Ex Vivo Pharmacology

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  • For me, not only is the science incredibly exciting, but it’s really special that we have the opportunity to turn our science into real innovation that could make a big difference in patients’ lives. Something I’ve also appreciated about working at Editas is the level of support we receive from our leadership, who stay close to our science and are attentive and receptive to our feedback. Everyone here has a voice no matter their level in the organization.

  • Noaman Akhtar – Senior Director, Clinical Operations

  • At Editas, we are all in this together. Everyone benefits and learns from one another and it’s truly inspiring. When we work together everyone achieves more, and I am excited that our contributions are creating a strong foundation for important future medicines.

  • Swarali Lele, Research Associate II (Lead Discovery)

  • Working at Editas is my first ever industry job, and it’s been exciting to become a part of a great organization driving fascinating science and working with enjoyable colleagues. Editas has set a high bar for me in terms of professional experience, and I enjoy working in an environment where I get to collaborate with highly talented and motivated people developing gene editing medicines. It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of state-of-the-art projects and simultaneously hone my technical, interpersonal, and critical thinking skills. What inspires me daily is a chance to learn something new, solve challenges, and contribute to developing transformative medicines for people living with serious diseases.

  • Ben Diner — Scientist II, Discovery Biology

  • I believe the greatest aspect of the culture at Editas Medicine is the support provided for personal and professional development. Over the course of my years working here, the company has given me abundant exposure to a variety of programs, helping me to acquire critical skills in business strategy and confidence as an industry scientist. The project teams I’ve worked with have demonstrated a passion for science, a collaborative and cohesive spirit, and an unwavering support of my own professional development. I’m looking forward to working with them on our next set of challenges.

  • Veronica Annoh-Agabi – Senior Quality Assurance Specialist, External Quality

  • What really drew me to Editas was the science. I am excited to be working in gene editing, and at a company where everyone is working together towards the same end goal. The collaboration of the different groups across Editas is excellent, and everyone is eager to help one another.

Our Approach to Learning and Development

Career Development

At Editas Medicine, we are passionate about the growth and development of our employees. We’ve made this a priority, and we take a slightly different approach to development than most biotechnology companies.


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The diversity of our employees allows for peer coaching and mentoring across the Editas community. We engage with employees and managers across the organization for different coaching and mentoring opportunities as an element of individual development


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A significant part of both building a great learning organization and working on Editor development is our All-Company Offsite. These happen over 2 days in the fall every year, and we make it a point to focus on learning about our business, strengthening us as a team, and building our Inspiritas culture


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While we work on development throughout the year, we dedicate our summers to keeping development plans current and engaging in programs with a particular focus on growth and learning. We call this effort our Summer of Development. We also ask our employees to build/update their individual Development Plans once per year, during our Summer of Development


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One of the more unique aspects of our Inspiritas culture is what we describe as our joy of work. Joy of work connects to our intense interest in and passion for driving the science of genome editing to help people living with serious diseases and building our company, and the broader field for the long-term

Our Diversity and Inclusion

At Editas Medicine, we know that our greatest strength comes from the people who make up our team. Each employee brings diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and thinking styles, and, by embracing and celebrating these differences, we strengthen our Inspiritas culture and further our mission to pioneer a new field of genome editing. For us, diversity and inclusion is ingrained in who we are today because we know it is what will get us to tomorrow.

We are proud of who we are, and we are committed to preserving and further cultivating our diverse and inclusive workforce, including in our senior management team, to ensure an environment where employees feel empowered to achieve their fullest potential.

Our 2020 Diversity Composition

Gender Diversity*
Percent of our workforce who are women
Racial / Ethnic Diversity*
Percent of our workforce who are racially/ethnically diverse
Percent of our senior management (director+) who are women

* As of 12/31/2020. Derived from self-identification data.

Percent of our senior management (director+) who are racially/ethnically diverse
Board of Directors
Gender diverse
Racially / Ethnically diverse


Our employees are working everyday to make an impact in the lives of people living with serious diseases. We’re proud to support our employees with comprehensive benefits that can be customized for any stage of their life.

Retirement Planning

We ask a lot of our employees, so it’s important to us that they receive value from the start. Every member of the Editas team benefits from generous 401(k) matching, and vesting is immediate

Time to Recharge

We’ve designed an inclusive, flexible, untracked time-off schedule that accounts for individual needs. While we expect our employees will take at least 3 weeks off in a given year (many employees take more), how and when they take it is fully up to them. In addition, we offer 12 paid holidays annually

Commitment to Health and Wellness

As a leader in genomic medicine, we’re actively working to make the world a healthier place. We apply that logic internally, too, ensuring that our employees are equipped to be their healthiest selves

  • We offer a highly subsidized medical benefits plan and contribute significantly to individual or family deductibles through an HSA account
  • We offer, through our benefits plan, reimbursement for three months of qualifying gym and physical wellness club memberships. We also provide a reduced rate at the Cambridge Athletic Club, and host annual wellness fairs in our offices
  • In addition to our robust benefits offerings, we’ve designed a Wellness Community to ensure that we’re working our bodies right alongside our minds. Regular (and free!) on-site programs include yoga, team runs, boot camp, and more

Careers at Editas Medicine

Ready to join the team? Find the opening that’s right for you!

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