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Grandfather caring for granddaughter.

Transformative Medicines for Patients in Need

There are millions of people living with a condition that a CRISPR-based medicine has the potential to address.

For us, the patient is—and must be—at the center of everything we do. That is why we’ve partnered with leading patient groups and other organizations to help us on this critically important journey.

For information on Editas Medicine’s clinical trials, please visit:

For a listing of Editas Medicine’s clinical trials, please click here.

The Editas Medicine Commitment

Engage regularly – seek out opportunities to learn from the communities we aim to create a treatment option for, and continue to bring their voices into decision making and drug development planning.

Listen actively – health and treatment is deeply personal, and there are similarities and differences across diseases, and among individuals affected by the same disease. It is critical that we listen and understand diverse perspectives.

Engage authentically – we are optimistic about the promise of gene editing, yet there is still much to be learned. Through transparent communication about Editas Medicine and our approach to developing medicines we hope to ensure the expectations we set are realistic.

Editas Medicine’s Expanded Access Policy
(Last updated 10/18/2023)

Editas Medicine is focused on translating the power and potential of the CRISPR/Cas12a and CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing systems into a robust pipeline of medicines for people living with serious diseases around the world.

We believe the most appropriate way to access our investigational medicines is through participation in our clinical trials. Currently, access to our investigational medicines will only be provided through participation in our clinical trials.

For a listing of Editas Medicine’s clinical trials, please click here.

Patients or caregivers who are interested in learning more should speak with their physician or contact We will acknowledge receipt of such requests as soon as possible, usually within five (5) business days.

Patient Contact

Editas Medicine’s Clinical Team